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Brazil (Rezende et al.)

Brazil by Fernando Rezende, Alexandre Cialdini, and Bernardo Motta published by The Forum of Federations 2023.

“The Federal Republic of Brazil has eight and a half million square kilo[1]meters—about half the total area of South America. Its population of 211 million inhabitants is unequally dispersed among twenty-six states a federal district and five thousand five hundred and seventy municipalities.

Brazil follows the global trend, with an average population life expectancy of 79 years projected for 2030 (United Nations, 2015). This increase in life expectancy at birth is caused jointly by a reduction in infant mortality and by greater survival at older ages. The year 2018, in Brazil, was considered the year of the end of the demographic bonus, in the sense that the population from 15 to 64 years of age in total started to fall after reaching 69.5% a year before. According to a recent work published by the UN,1 the group aged 60 or over, which represented only 4.9% of the total population in 1950, increased its participation to 11.9% in 2015. The expected trend is that it continues to grow almost continuously until the end of this century, reaching 34.1% and 39.4%, respectively, in the years 2060 and 2100…”

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