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Resilience and Ingenuity (Fink et al.)

Resilience and Ingenuity:Global Innovation Responses to COVID-19 by edited by Carsten Fink, Yann Ménière, Andrew A. Toole and Reinhilde Veugelers published by CEPR (2022).

“The Covid-19 pandemic, which has been such a profound shock to society and economy at a global level, has also had far reaching effects on innovation and creativity worldwide. Key to the monumental response needed to contain the public health crisis and stabilise the global economy has been an ability to provide innovative solutions to complex problems: from the rapid development of vaccines to the introduction of the new technologies that kept business running remotely, not only were innovations needed to beat the pandemic, but, in a post-crisis world, they are also an important catalyst for building resilience to future pandemics. Understanding how the COVID-19 crisis has affected innovative activity around the world is therefore of paramount interest…”

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