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The economic possibilities for my grandchildren (Tett)

The Economic Possibilities For My Grandchildren by by Gillian Tett published by IMF (3/2024).

IMF Managing Director’s Keynote Speech at King’s College, Cambridge, followed by a conversation with provost Gillian Tett featuring Kristalina Georgieva

“Thank you, Gillian, for the kind introduction. I want to start by recognizing your leadership—as a creative thinker, a brilliant journalist and anthropologist, and—most recently—the 45th Provost since King’s College was founded nearly 600 years ago. You have become a moral authority for many economists, myself included.

The inspiration for this lecture came from John Maynard Keynes’ essay “Economic Possibilities for Our Grandchildren”. Keynes, as we all know, studied and worked at King’s, and he became the father of modern macroeconomics. He is also one of the founders of the institution that I am proud to lead, the International Monetary Fund.

When he went to New Hampshire in 1944 for the creation of the two Bretton Woods institutions—the IMF and the World Bank—he brought his vision, courage, and optimism—an unwavering belief in the power of humanity to make lives better over time, despite the setbacks brought by calamities—such as crises and wars…”


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