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Spending x Growth (Moreno-Dodson)

Blanca Moreno-Dodson (World Bank) presented How Public Spending Can Help You Grow? An Empirical Analysis for Developing Countries, at the Fiscal Seminar CEPAL 2010. The paper, with Nihal Bayraktar, “shows that the most important factor that affects the degree of the influence of public spending on growth is the priority givern to productive over non-productive spending. Another lesson is that differences in empirical findings of the previous literature public spending and economic growth may be explained by the selection of countries included.”Available the paper in: http://www.eclac.cl/ilpes/noticias/paginas/5/38375/PublicspendingJuly28_09.pdf

The presentation, in: http://www.eclac.cl/ilpes/noticias/paginas/5/38375/Blanca_Moreno_Dodson.pdf

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