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On the Path to Policy Normalization (IMF)

Fiscal Monitor: On the Path to Policy Normalization published by IMF (4/2023).

The report discusses how public finances have fluctuated with multiple shocks since the pandemic, characterized by atypical growth, inflation dynamics, and fiscal support to mitigate the shocks. The recent financial turmoil aggravated an already uncertain and complex outlook with tight financing conditions and mounting concerns for debt vulnerabilities. In this volatile environment, fiscal policy should prioritize consistency with monetary policy to restore price and financial stability, while supporting the most vulnerable. Abrupt changes in financial conditions also call for fiscal restraint to tackle fiscal vulnerabilities. To that end, governments will need to give greater priority to rebuilding fiscal buffers by developing credible risk-based fiscal frameworks that promote consistent macroeconomic policies, reduce debt vulnerabilities over time, and build up the necessary room to handle future shocks.

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