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Diesel and Gas Taxes in Europe (Hoffer & Dobrinsky-Harris)

Diesel and Gas Taxes in Europe by Adam Hoffer published by Tax Foundation (7/2023).

“In response to a year of extreme energy price increases in 2022, many European countries offered partial relief through temporary fuel tax reductions. In 2023, European gas and diesel taxes have mostly returned to the rates in place before the Russia-Ukraine war. The European Union (EU) requires Member States to levy a minimum excise duty of €0.36 per liter ($1.55 per gallon) on petrol (gasoline).

Today’s map shows that only Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Malta, and Poland stick to the minimum rate, while all other EU countries levy higher excise duties on gas. The lowest gas tax is in Hungary, at €0.29 per liter ($1.21 per gallon), as the Hungarian rate is set in its domestic currency, the forint, resulting in an average rate slightly below the EU minimum after exchange rate fluctuations. The next lowest rates after exchange rates are Bulgaria, Malta, and Romania, each at €0.36 per liter ($1.48 per gallon)…”


How High are Gas Taxes in Your State? by Adam Hoffer, Jessica Dobrinsky-Harris published by Tax Foundation (8/2023).

“A hot summer travel season makes fuel taxes salient to many Americans. Today’s map shows state gas tax rates as of July 2023.

States tax fuel in several ways, including sales taxes, per-gallon excise taxes collected at the pump, taxes imposed on wholesalers (which are passed along to consumers in the form of higher prices), and a variety of operational taxes, such as underground storage tank fees, that are often charged to the retailer.

We add up all these different taxes and fees (not including carbon fees) to calculate a total tax rate on gas for each state. The map below shows that U.S. state tax rates vary widely…”


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